Orthopedic support

How do I take the measurement to choose the right cervical collar?

After measuring the neck circumference, add 12.5 cm (5 “) to obtain the desired length of collar. You should be able to insert your fingers between the collar and your neck easily.

Does the adjustable knee support contain rigid materials?

Yes. The support contains two spring rods of 8 inches on each side of the knee which stabilize the joint.


Why do some knee supports have a hole for the patella?

The opening at the front helps remove the pressure on the patella. Some of our models are also fitted with a polyethylene cushion that prevents direct compression on it.

What is the difference between the materials used for orthopedic supports?

At Formedica, three materials are used in the manufacture of orthopedic supports: elastic, neoprene and wool.

The elastic support is used to create a slight compression in case of joint weakness, swelling or even edema. It therefore ensures comfort and support for long-term wear.

In the case of the wool used in the Arthri-Forme products, it is combined with elastic and nylon to provide greater support. It also helps retain body heat, which promotes blood circulation and thus brings comfort and relief from arthritis pain.

Neoprene meanwhile brings increased support for more intense activities. It supports muscles and ligaments weakened following a strain, sprain or muscle overexertion. Neoprene also provides better air circulation which reduces sweating and skin irritation.


Can I wear my lumbar support belt all day?

Unless followed up by a professional, we always recommend the intermittent wear of lumbar supports to prevent the weakening of muscles (ideally remove it a few hours each day).


What is the difference between the tennis & golf elbow support and the tennis & golf elbow brace?

The tennis & golf elbow brace provides uniform pressure and is used to decrease inflammation in acute pain. It can be worn continuously during daily activities, though it is not recommended to wear it overnight.


The tennis & golf elbow stabilizing support will focus more on short periods, for example during intense physical activities, such as golf and tennis. It relieves a specific point and can control the symptoms of tendinitis, or prevent its recurrence.

Can I sleep with the Stevenson™ arm and shoulder immobilizer?

Absolutely. It was designed so that it can be worn continuously, even during the night.

Are your orthopedic products machine washable?

It is recommended to wash them by hand with mild soap and air dry.


What is the difference between the laced ankle brace and the Fix-Loc™ ankle stabilizer?

The laced ankle brace is usually recommended by a physiotherapist following trauma or surgery. It offers protection during sports and helps in the treatment of sprains.


The Fix-Loc ™ ankle stabilizer was designed to stabilize the ankle and provide support to the injured ligament. Its neoprene composition helps keep body heat and relax the muscles.