Gel Metatarsal Pad

Gel Metatarsal Pad
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Gel Metatarsal Pad

Designed to provide protection to the palm of the foot, this Metatarsal Gel Pad in silicone relieves pressure and absorbs shear forces, primarily responsible of the burning sensation on the forefoot.


  • Approved by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA)
  • Absorbs shock, impact and provides even distribution of pressure in the forefoot area
  • Helps reduce the burning sensation in the metatarsal heads
  • Ideal for conditions such as fat pad atrophy, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s neuroma
  • Silicone construction with reinforced toe loop to ensure proper fit


Wash by hand with mild soap and air-dry.

Do not apply the product on an open wound. In case of irritation or circulation problem, stop using the product and consult a health care professional. Remove product few hours per day to allow the skin to breathe. If pain should persist, or if you wish to know more about how to use this product, consult a health specialist.