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Over the years, Formedica has also developed an expertise in the hospital market, which enabled it to bring to market a complete range of products specifically designed for healthcare professionals.

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49-51 of 51 products

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    Stevenson™ Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer

    Designed to hold the lower part of the humerus and wrist against the chest. The immobilizer can be worn on the left or right arm to properly stabilize the shoulder. The attached upper arm can perform rehabilitation exercises. Characteristics
    • Made of surgical elastic and neoprene
    • Velcro®-type closures
    • Fixed forearm and humeral cuffs and removable hand cuff
    • Unisex model with a chest contour for women
    • Colour: beige
    Made of: Soft surgical elastic thoracic band, neoprene laminated with Lycra® and terry cloth straps with Velcro® closures. Indications
    • Contusion
    • Sprain
    • Subluxation
    • Dislocation
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    Clavicles Supports with metal buckle closures

    Designed to support clavicle fracture and help correct posture problems. Characteristics
    • Polypropylene straps
    • Felt covered with stockinette
    • Protective padding at back
    • Colour: white
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    Cervical Traction Kit

    Full cervical traction kit includes a vinyl water weight (9 kg/20 lb capacity), a chin strap pulley system, a spreader bar and a door hanger.