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Physical activity can sometimes be very hard on our joints and brings a lot of pain! That is why Formedica has developed a complete range of high quality orthopaedic supports specifically designed to treat and prevent sports injuries.

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    Wrist Stabilizer

    DESIGNED TO STABILIZE THE ARTICULATIONS AND PROVIDE COMFORTABLE SUPPORT TO WEAK WRIST MUSCLES DURING OR AFTER INTENSE ACTIVITIES The wrist stabilizer can be used to relieve pain following a strain, a sprain or after overusing muscles. It retains body heat, increases blood circulation and helps keep muscles supple. The wrist stabilizer is especially recommended for people suffering from chronic instability in the wrist.

    Characteristics :

    • Retains body heat, increases blood circulation and helps keep muscles supple Helps to reduce the risk of injuries
    • Remains effective when wet (does not absorb water)
    • Easy fit
    Indications :
    • Strain
    • Sprain
    • Racket sports
    • Ball games
    • Heavy objects
    • Weightlifting

    Adjustment :

    Wrap around your wrist and adjust the tension by properly attaching the Velcro® strap.  Adjust for comfort.

    Made of :

    Neoprene covered with brushed nylon.

    Cleaning :

    Wash by hand with mild soap and air dry.