Reusable Underpads with handles

Reusable Underpads with handles
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Reusable Underpads with handles

These products protect any surface from moisture and staining. They provide an effective barrier against urine, blood, alcohol and most medication.


  • Topstitched, woven cotton surface to stabilize the wadding
  • Highly absorbent, thick cellulose wadding and waterproof vinyl backing
  • Institutional quality, highly resistant
  • Easy maintenance: machine wash and dry
  • Designed to turn and/or reposition a patient on the bed
  • Can lift up to 200 lb
  • Note: not for transporting

Recommended usage

• Urinary incontinence

• Toilet (potty) training

• Protection of changing table, mattress and furniture

• At home or travelling



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Code Dimensions Size
1883 43 cm x 64 cm (17” x 25”) SMALL
1884 87 cm x 94 cm (34” x 37”) MEDIUM
1885 87 cm x 188 cm (34” x 74”) LARGE