Gel Beads Compress – Children
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Gel Beads Compress – Children


This thermotherapeutic compress can be used hot or cold. When placed on an area, targeted action is created because of its small size.

The unique bead gel formula ensures permanent flexibility to the compress. When cold, it effectively relieves surface burns, sprains or muscle inflammation. When hot, it soothes pain due to cramps, fever or other stress-related injuries. Store in the freezer for cold use. Microwave for hot use.

Characteristics :

  • Targeted action
  • Unique bead gel formula ensuring permanent flexibility to the compress
  • Reusable compress
  • Non-toxic

Hot therapy

Increases the flexibility of soft tissues, including muscles and connective tissue. Recommended to ease pain due to stiff muscles, joint pain, aches, spasms and cramps.

Preparation : Not recommended to microwave for more than 10 seconds

Application : 12 minutes MINIMUM to 15 minutes MAXIMUM

Cold therapy 

Recommended for the treatment of inflammation, sprains, torn tissue, contusions, swelling and osteoarthritis.

Preparation : 2 hours in freezer

Application : 20 minutes


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