Adjustable Knee Support

Adjustable Knee Support
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Adjustable Knee Support

Designed to stabilize articulations and protect the patella. It provides comfortable support to weak knee muscles and ligaments due to strains or other stress-related injuries. Neoprene retains body heat, increases blood circulation, and helps keep muscles supple.


  • Velcro®-type fasteners for easy adjustment
  • Remains effective when wet
  • Retains body heat and helps keep muscles supple.
  • Neoprene covered with brushed nylon and terry cloth interior
  • Easy fit
  • Colour: black

Made of: Neoprene covered with brushed nylon and terry cloth interior lining.


  • Following strains, sprains and other stress related injuries
  • Sports : raquet sports, ball sports, biking, jogging
  • Walking
  • Activities involving heavy lifting
2018 33 – 41 cm (13” – 16”) SMALL/MEDIUM
2019 41 – 51 cm (16” – 20”) LARGE/XLARGE
2022 51 – 58 cm (20” – 23”) XXLARGE


To determine proper size, measure the circumference at the mid-section of the knee joint. If the result is between two sizes, choose the largest.

Wrap around the knee and attach the bottom Velcro® first (step 1). Make sure the opening on the knee brace is around the patella, and attach the top Velcro® to stabilize the knee (step 2). You should be able to bend your knee without restricting blood circulation.

Wash by hand with mild soap and air-dry.

If pain should persist, or if you wish to know more about how to use this product, consult a health specialist.