Ergonomic Knee Support

Ergonomic Knee Support
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Ergonomic Knee Support

Designed to provide light support to lateral ligaments. The flexible spiral hinge on each side helps to stabilize knee ligaments, while the criss-cross back provides comfort during normal daily activities.


  • One flexible spiral hinge on each side
  • Made of 67% nylon, 23% elastic and 10% lycra
  • Light support
  • Easy and ergonomic adjustment
  • Colour: beige

Made of: 67% nylon, 23% elastic and 10% lycra


  • Sports or activities requiring rotation/tortion movements (ex. golf, raquet sports), without frequent and complete knee bends
  • Long term use
9222 26 – 31 cm (10” – 12”) SMALL
9223 31 – 36 cm (12” – 14”) MEDIUM
9224 36 – 41 cm (14” – 16”) LARGE
9225 41 – 48 cm (16” – 19”) XLARGE


To determine proper size, measure the circumference at the mid-section of the knee joint. If the result is between two sizes, choose the largest.

Pull up the knee sleeve and adjust until hinges stay on both sides of patella and the crisscross is comfortably placed at the back of the knee.

Wash by hand with mild soap and air-dry.

If pain should persist, or if you wish to know more about how to use this product, consult a health specialist.