Lycragel Knee & Patella Stabilizer

Lycragel Knee & Patella Stabilizer
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Lycragel Knee & Patella Stabilizer

Designed to provide comfortable support to lateral ligaments and patella. The flexible spiral hinge on each side help to stabilize knee ligaments while the gel insert helps to reduce direct compression on the patella. The Lycragel™ Knee and Patella Stabilizer may be used following treatments and pain alleviation associated with certain common patella syndromes such as: sprints, sprains and swelling. It limits shock and vibration on patella therefore helps to reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.


  • Ergonomic model: elasticate fabric provides even compression
  • One flexible spiral hinge on each side
  • Provides compression and support
  • Firm support
  • Easy fit
  • Colour: beige

Made of: 67% nylon and 33% lycra


  • Various patellar (kneecap) traumatisms
  • Racquet sports, ball sports, jogging, biking
  • Activities involving heavy lifting
  • Walking
9351 30 – 34 cm (12” – 13.5”) SMALL
9352 34 – 38 cm (13.5” – 15”) MEDIUM
9353 38 – 42 cm (15” – 16.5”) LARGE
9354 42 – 47 cm (16.5” – 18.5”) XLARGE
9355 47 – 52 cm (18.5” – 20.5”) XXLARGE


To determine proper size, measure the circumference at the mid-section of the knee joint. If the result is between two sizes, choose the largest.

Pull-up the knee sleeve and adjust until hinges stay on both sides and the gel insert is directly on the patella.

Wash by hand with mild soap and air-dry.

If pain should persist, or if you wish to know more about how to use this product, consult a health specialist. Do not wear at night unless recommended by your doctor or healthcare professional.