About us


Founded in November 1972, FORMEDICA has, since the very beginning, concentrated its efforts in the development of a complete line of orthopaedic products designed to reinforce the benefits of therapeutic treatments while helping to correct certain physiological traumas.

A proud canadian company

At our installations in Contrecoeur (Quebec), we design and manufacture a complete line of quality orthopedic supports and immoblisations as well as geriatric and infant restraints. Housing the design, engineering, and manufacturing branches under one roof allows for a quick reaction to market demands. In partnership with trusted local and overseas suppliers, FORMEDICA also develops and distributes a full range of first aid, home health care products, walking aids, as well as a foot care line.

In addition to our Pharmacy Retail Division, launched in 1991, FORMEDICA also has an Institutional division which sells to hospitals, health centers and specialized retailers. Some of the brands / trademark we commercialize : Formedica Professionnel, Formedica Sport, Sacro-forme, Prevention, Posture plus, Protection, Arthri-forme, Comfort.

Our mission

Offer superior high-quality products that meet the current and future expectations of consumers.