Cervical Traction Kit

Cervical Traction Kit

Cervical Traction Kit

Full cervical traction kit includes a vinyl water weight (9 kg/20 lb capacity), a chin strap pulley system, a spreader bar and a door hanger.


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  1. Place on top edge of the door the bracket and pulley assembly.
  2. Secure traction cord to water weight bag. Thread over both pulleys and secure other end of cord, furthest from door, to the center of the spreader bar.
  3. Slip head halter over head, placing chin on contoured chin rest in center of longer portion of halter. Rest back of the head on shorter portion. Fasten side straps.
  4. Place metal rings on ends of head halter in notches of spreader bar while seated in chair.
  5. Place amount of water, as prescribed by doctor, in weight bag. Bag has convenient calibrated weight scale for easy measurement.
  6. Depending on the type of traction prescribed (flexion or extension), the patient should sit facing to or away from door.

Cleaning and storage

– Detach water traction bag from nylon traction cord.

– Empty the water from the water traction bag.

– Rinse inside of the bag with diluted detergent solution if desired.

– Allow the bag to fully air dry prior to storage.

– Store bag flat or rolled. Do not fold.

– Remove hardware from door. Can be stored fully assembled.


The use of this device should never be attempted alone. A medical professional should assist the treated individual with the proper setup and treatment process. Do not leave treated individual unattended. Verify proper weight prescription and treatment duration before starting the treatment.