Stevenson™ Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer

Stevenson™ Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer

Stevenson™ Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer

Designed to hold the lower part of the humerus and wrist against the chest. The immobilizer can be worn on the left or right arm to properly stabilize the shoulder. The attached upper arm can perform rehabilitation exercises.


  • Made of surgical elastic and neoprene
  • Velcro®-type closures
  • Fixed forearm and humeral cuffs and removable hand cuff
  • Unisex model with a chest contour for women
  • Colour: beige

Made of: Soft surgical elastic thoracic band, neoprene laminated with Lycra® and terry cloth straps with Velcro® closures.


  • Contusion
  • Sprain
  • Subluxation
  • Dislocation

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Hospital Division

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Arm, Shoulder

Available sizes

7238 46 – 64 cm (18” – 25”) KIDS 7,5 cm (3”)
7239 46 – 64 cm (18” – 25”) XSMALL 10 cm (4”)
7240 64 – 94 cm (25” – 37”) SMALL/MEDIUM 15 cm (6”)
7241 94 – 125 cm (37” – 49”) LARGE/XLARGE 15 cm (6”)
7242 125 – 155 cm (49” – 61”) XXLARGE 15 cm (6”)

To determine proper size, measure the circumference of the thorax (under the chest).


  1. Open the belt arm strap and slide it between the wounded arm and the body making sure that the wrist straps and hands are facing forward. Subsequently, close the strap.
  2. Close the belt around the patient’s chest, adhere the Velcro®-type fastener on the soft tissue. It is important to ensure that the narrow part of the belt is at the center of the chest and that it is above the elbow of the injured shoulder.
  3. Bring up the forearm to a 90° angle with the body and close the strap around the wrist.
  4. Install the strap for the hand (keep the thumb outside the strap). This strap can be shifted to the left or right for proper positioning.


  • To avoid damaging the product during washing, adhere Velcro®-type fasteners on the fabric
  • Wash in warm water with mild soap, do not dry clean
  • Hang to dry, do not wring